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A Durban inspired dark lager lamb bunny chow

No city in South Africa makes a bunny chow quite as well as Durban does.  There is something about the way they perfectly balance the heat and spices, with just the right amount of bread to soak up all the flavours.  This recipe would make any Durbanite proud and it’s the perfect... Continue reading »

The pizza stone review to read if you love a crispy crust

We’re just two blokes who love to cook on the open flame, so when it comes to homemade pizzas, we have pretty high standards. If you’ve ever wondered if it’s worth buying a pizza stone, then read on and discover a land of crispy crusts and melted cheesy goodness as we... Continue reading »

Beer, chilli & bacon caramelised nuts

Beer and nuts are a pairing as old as time. Our version of beer nuts takes this humble pairing to a whole new level with this moreish combination of chilli, bacon, sugar and lager (okay, yes the first time we made it we used the Darling Brew Festive lager – but the... Continue reading »

27 wild ways to take your hot chocolate from tasty to tweet-worthy

We’re doing our level best to celebrate the best of winter this month, which gives us a lot of days to make heartwarming cups of hot chocolate. But why stick with one method when there are clearly so many delicious ways to take your hot chocolate from tasty to absolutely... Continue reading »

Trucks of the trade: how to win at mobile wedding catering

It’s our mission here at Yuppiechef to bring people together to share good food and make a few unforgettable memories while we’re at it. Whether the gathering is around a formal table setting or sitting on the floor with a picnic spread, whether it’s a rich roast with all the trimmings or... Continue reading »