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The Sugarbird Gin story

Many new gins on the market strive to be elite and premium, the best in the west. Not this gin. This gin strives to innovate. Brought to life by a small group of insatiable entrepreneurs, Rob Heyns and Nzeka Biyela, founders of League of Beers, and Kelly and Mark Goldsworthy,... Continue reading »

Andy Fenner’s take on the perfect steak

Yeah, yeah, I know. You’ve read a million articles on how to cook steak. But bear with me. I thought I’d take the invitation to write for (the awesome) Yuppiechef, to introduce you to a fairly unconventional way to do it. Choosing your meat: An obvious place to start, yes?... Continue reading »

Get your green screen with March’s free wallpaper

Our wholesome and healthy March wallpaper is here to bring some natural goodness to your life. We hope that this artful array of vibrant veggies inspires healthy cooking, and reminds you that eating your greens should bring nothing but guilt-free pleasure. HD Desktop 1980 x 1080 (with calendar) – download 1980 x 1080... Continue reading »

A granadilla frozen yoghurt for your screen? February’s wallpaper

Desserts don’t have to be guilty pleasures. With just five ingredients you can whip up this delicious frozen yoghurt in your own home. This summertime winner is made to scale up or down and perfect for those spontaneous summer suppers with friends. Here’s something fresh and fun for your February wallpaper. HD Desktop... Continue reading »

Smoked trout salad with crème fraîche dressing

This salad is a vibrant combination of flavours, colours and textures. The healthy mix of smoked trout, avocado, caper berries and pickled cucumber is all tied together with a crème fraîche dressing. The smokiness of the trout subtlety permeates the salad in the best kind of way, leaving you with a light meal... Continue reading »