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Finding peace in textile play and basket making with Mia Mélange

Children are often able to create the most wonderful things out of a pure sense of experimentation and play. Retaining that sense of wonder and curiosity as we get older is a marvellous skill, one that Mia of Mia Mélange tapped into on her journey of discovering the bountiful world... Continue reading »

Discovering the old world charm of keeping memories with Essie Letterpress

Some skills and crafts will, or rather should, never go out of date. Especially ones with the ability to transport you to a slower, gentler time. Letterpress is one such a craft and this is the unbelievable charming story of Vanessa and Ben Grib of Essie Letterpress. Vanessa and Ben are... Continue reading »

Yuppiechef’s 10th birthday celebration: a bash full of beer, burgers and balloons

When you turn 10 as a kid, it’s kind of a big deal. Reaching double digits seems like a huge milestone in your journey from childhood to your teen years, a time where you are trying to figure out what this whole growing up thing is all about. Usually this... Continue reading »

When happy accidents result in some Sweet Temptations

Sometimes it’s the happy accidents in life that are responsible for our greatest joys. An unplanned trip with friends, a spontaneous dance in the street or even an impromptu session in the kitchen. All it took was one rainy afternoon and pleading children to direct Anita Labuschagne into her own kitchen,... Continue reading »

Meeting the makers behind Remhoogte wines

There is something special and authentic about Remhoogte Wine Estate, and it probably has to do with the fact that the farm is family run and owned. Murray Boustred started the business in 1993 after deciding to leave Johannesburg to be a farmer in the Western Cape.  The family ended... Continue reading »