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A round up of what to consider when planning your wedding

Wedding planning sessions over a cup of tea with your partner or mom, a glass of wine with your bridesmaids or a beer with your best man can be a whole lot of fun (especially if there is cake tasting involved). But when you are starting out with planning your... Continue reading »

The Great South African Cookbook and a venison bobotie by Annatjie Reynolds

Bringing people together to eat and enjoy a nourishing meal is at the heart of what we care about so deeply. This value is shared by the creators of The Great South African Cookbook, a collection of local recipes released in July to coincide with Nelson Mandela Day. The book... Continue reading »

An easy cranberry quinoa salad

Summer is around the corner and so is the time to say goodbye to heavy, rich meals, and hello to fresh, light dishes. Nothing says summer time like a delicious, crispy salad filled with the season’s best produce, but it can sometimes be tricky finding inspiration to create new combinations... Continue reading »

Anyone can make Eggs Benedict

Keen to spoil someone with a special breakfast? This combo of buttery, delicious hollandaise sauce and perfectly poached egg is a breakfast champion certainly worth making your acquaintance with and here’s the charmer, with a little know-how it’s easy to master at home. This way for a knock-your-socks-off hollandaise and perfect poached eggs.... Continue reading »

Allow your senses to be overwhelmed this spring with September’s free wallpaper

So it’s official, spring is here and we can definitely feel it in the air. The sun is rising earlier and setting later, and slowly but surely, big, heavy coats are being shifted to the back of the cupboard. This new season brings the chance for us to get out... Continue reading »