We are Yuppiechef

Yuppiechef is on a mission to bring people together through the cooking and sharing of good food.

We believe that preparing, cooking and sharing a meal with good company is the very essence of what makes life good. And it is our dream to give you every excuse under the sun to organise that long overdue get-together with those you love, and those you'd like to love more.

Yuppiechef is a food community offering you the tools, ingredients and the inspiration to cook real food at home. Will you join us?

Magic in life is found around a dinner table

At the heart of it all

Magic in life is found around a dinner table with close friends and family sharing good food, drinks and stories.

From humble beginnings in a lounge nearly a decade ago, we have discovered that connecting with people through food is the answer to many questions in life.

Our reason for being is to help make those connections possible and inspire a growing number of people around the world to cook good food at home. Putting it that way may sound a bit revolutionary, but it’s at the heart of what makes life a richly rewarding experience. Join us!

Cooking is an opportunity

‘Cooking gives us the opportunity, so rare in modern life, to work directly in our own support, and in the support of the people we feed. If this is not “making a living,” I don’t know what is.

In the calculus of economics, doing so may not always be the most efficient use of an amateur cook’s time, but in the calculus of human emotion, it is beautiful even so. For is there any practise less selfish, any labour less alienated, any time less wasted, than preparing something delicious and nourishing for people you love?’

- Michael Pollan Cooked

Thank you

We know that after nine years, our success is due to the love and support of all of our customers, staff and suppliers that have been with us along the way. Without you our journey would not have been possible. For this we are eternally grateful. Thank you for your ongoing support.