The biggest floral trends and which flowers to consider for your wedding day

Planning a wedding is a bit like planning a big holiday – you have to select and prioritise the things that really matter to you and let go of the things that would be great, but are not essential. And just like visiting a beautiful botanical garden or ancient ruins in a far off place, surrounding yourself with delicate, perfumed blooms on your big day gives a deep pleasure that tends to stay with you for years after. The memory of their scent, the way the flowers felt in your hand, how they filled the celebration with a touch of our natural world’s fresh vibrance – this is what sticks.


We chatted to Aspen and Co’s Jean Badenhorst to learn more about wedding flowers– what’s important, what to budget and why they are just the thing to bring boundless beauty to your celebration.

What should a couple consider when selecting flowers for their big day?

“Flower choice is a very personal decision for the couple to make. If you are on a tight budget, you can get away with minimal floral and lots of interesting foliage. You should also consider the month you are planning to get married. Most flowers are very seasonal and if you are planning to use flowers that will not be in season on your big day, you will be paying more. You should also consider what’s important to you, as a couple, on the day. For some brides it’s all about the flowers, for other– the food or the venue.”


What are the best flower options for each season?

“Roses and lilies are available throughout the year and are both classic options for weddings. We have a local supplier who grows tulips throughout the year, which is very unusual for South Africa.

In summer you should consider:

  • lisianthus
  • laceflower
  • dahlias
  • calla lilies
  • gladiolus

In winter you can look at:

  • tulips
  • delphiniums
  • elatums
  • larkspur

In spring you can get:

  • ranunculus
  • peonies
  • freesias
  • sweet peas
  • daffodils

In autumn you should consider:

  • roses
  • lilies
  • snapdragons
  • laceflowers

It is always a good idea to ask your florist to make you a list of available flowers, there are always new varieties popping up.”

aspen_wedding_59 (1)

What are the current trends in wedding flower choices and arranging?

“The current trends in floral arranging at weddings are hanging installations, hanging installations and more hanging installations! These are very time consuming to make and therefore not a budget option. Most brides still prefer the traditional white and green colour scheme for their wedding, but there are a lot more enquiries for bright flowers these days too.

People are more budget conscious and therefore use seasonal flowers and are often open to any flowers we recommend as long as they work with their colour scheme and the overall look and feel of the wedding.”


How much would you suggest a couple should budget for wedding flowers?

“Flowers are not cheap. For a small wedding of about 80 — 100 guests, you are looking at spending anything between R15,000 and R40,000 on flowers. This really all depends on your specific requirements and the amount of detail you want on the day. The type of flowers and the containers you want to use also play a role in the price you are going to pay. On average table arrangements range from R500 — R2,000 and you also have to consider the delivery and labour involved. Destination weddings are still very popular, but delivery can get rather pricey.”



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