Why cooking on ceramic coated pans is good for wellness and wallets

Over the years, we’ve heard lots of things said about non-stick pans. People love them, then hate them, then love them – we know that, generally, it’s safer to go with reputable brands who put a lot of work into figuring out the very safest non-stick coatings they can find.


But what if you could have all the benefits of non-stick without actually using it? What if there was a coating that made cooking (and cleaning up) as effortless as your favourite non-stick, without any of the issues?

Here’s where the new kid on the cookware block comes in. Ceramic coated pans have been around for a little while, but now that the big brands are paying attention, we’re getting high quality cookware that works and lasts.


The benefits of ceramic coated cookware

  • Non-reactive: nothing reacts with your plate, right? Well, ceramic is ceramic, and it may come in different colours and different thicknesses, but it remains non-reactive. Which means you can quite safely cook acidic foods in it, and it’ll never leach anything into your food.
  • More efficient heat transfer: since the base of ceramic coated pans is usually made from aluminium, heat transfer is quick, even and efficient, meaning you can use less power to cook your food just as well.
  • Non-stick: of course, one of its main properties is its non-stick. Ceramic is smooth and requires only a little oil or butter to keep food from sticking to it (as opposed to stainless steel or cast iron, which both need quite hefty doses of fats to prevent food from sticking).
  • Lightweight: the combination of the aluminium base and the ceramic coating makes for a lightweight pan, which is a nice change if you are used to cooking with heavier cookware.

Why ceramic cookware is good for your wallet

  • Top quality cookware at an affordable price is the one thing we’re all looking for, right? Yes, it’s good to spend a little more to get the quality you’re after, but if that comes in at a lower price point, that’s great.
  • Cooking with ceramic means you cook at a slightly lower heat, than using stainless steel or cast iron. The aluminium base is so efficient, you save power and cook just as quickly.
  • Although you do need to use a bit of oil or butter, you don’t need as much as you do with stainless steel, so your supplies last much longer.

Why ceramic cookware is good for your health

  • Ceramic is completely non-reactive, and contains no chemical additives. There’s nothing to leach into your food, so your cookware is safe.
  • Since you can use less oil than with other cookware, you can cheerfully sauté your food rather than steaming or boiling it, which can decrease the nutritive content.
  • Using some oil or fat is good for your health – new studies show that oils like coconut oil are good for your health, which is also a great one to cook with so everyone wins.


Things to be aware of

  • Ceramic can be fragile: your plate can be scratched or broken, right? Well, it stands to reason then, that your ceramic coated cookware can also be broken. Keep sharp, metal utensils away from the surface, and cushion the inside if you decide to stack things inside it. These measures will help to make your ceramic coating last much longer.
  • You do have to use some fat: true fat free cooking is pretty rare (generally reserved for steaming and boiling, in my experience). We’ve found that even with the very best non-stick coatings, the coatings last longer and work better if a tiny bit of oil or butter is used. The same is true for ceramic. Using a little bit of fat helps to lubricate things, and makes the surface last longer. It also improves flavour and browning, so we feel like it’s a win-win situation.


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