Ice, ice maybe?

Pretty much everyone has experienced the low-grade but enduring frustration of the moulded ice-tray. While we are mostly grateful for its invention, it leaves a lot to be desired.

For decades, beverage drinkers have tried to develop an ice-tray twisting strategy that will consistently land ice blocks in glasses and not on the floor. Most fail. Which is why we’re so glad the Joseph Joseph team took time to develop their QuickSnap™ easy-release ice cube tray.

Hats off to them. Designed with separate compartments for each cube, it allows you to release each ice block individually with a little release-switch. Check out this video, to see Richard Joseph himself explain how to use one.

Genius. And may we add, what a great gift for a guy.

The best news? They’re available as of today on our site. Nice, hey?