Cleaning and caring for your espresso machine

An espresso machine is a worthwhile investment for any conscientious coffee lover. A machine that is kept clean and tidy will not only last longer but deliver noticeably tastier results. Here are our tips on cleaning your espresso machine so it stays in good nick.

cleaning your espresso machine

1. Back washing your machine

Back wash your machine regularly.  If you use your machine daily, once a month will be sufficient. Insert the blind filter (which is a solid filter plate that comes with your machine, that prevents water from running through the portafilter) into the portafilter and run the hot water as you would for an espresso.

Run it for 5 seconds and then let it sit for ten. The water will be released into the drip tray. Fill the portafilter with a cleaning agent suitable for your espresso machine and repeat several times, and again with fresh water to ensure that all the detergent has been washed out. Make sure your water tank is full before you start. This removes any coffee oils and grounds that have built up over time.

cleaning your espresso machine

2. Brush down the basket

Remove the basket from the portafilter and give it a good scrub.  It pops out easily with the help of a teaspoon. The Pallo Espresso Machine Brush is perfect for this. Running it under the hot water from the machine will make cleaning it easier, but be careful not to burn your fingers.

Cleaning your espresso machine

3. De-grit the shower head

Use the brush to clean the shower head (the hot metal filter which dispenses the water into your cup). Be careful to clean the whole thing completely; coffee grounds build up over time and leave quite bitter oils behind. These will cause your espresso to taste unnecessarily bitter.

4. Cleaning the steam wand

Keep the steam wand clean by wiping it with a damp cloth immediately after every use. This will prevent milk from burning – and sticking – to the outside of it, which is much more difficult to clean off.  The Pallo espresso brush also comes fitted with a nifty pin head which can be inserted into to the steam wand to clear it of any dry residue inside the tube. To keep the steam wand clean over time, purge

Cleaning the steamwand

And there you have it. Sometimes a good cuppa boils down to a good ol’ spring clean. Think of it as washing and polishing a Ferrari – not too shabby a task, eh?