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Sow Delicious Slab of Seed Artisanal Tomatoes

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Product Info

There's nothing more satisfying than eating food you grew yourself, and with Sow Delicious, you can do that anywhere. Each pack contains a slab of soil, organic fertilizer, and heirloom, non-GMO seeds. They are designed to work perfectly in pots, so no matter how little space you have, you can grow your own food, and eat a garden that's Sow Delicious!

  • Artisanal Tomatoes
  • Slab designed to enable you to snap a block off and plant it separately from the rest, in a pot, or alongside other plants in the ground
  • Handmade from a special blend of organically enriched super-soil and infused with rare heirloom seed (the purest & oldest seed on earth which is also non-GMO)
  • Secret formula keeps the seed moist 3 x longer than the soil:
    • Helps grow bigger seedlings and root systems
    • Protects it from scorching sun
    • Improves the taste of your harvest
  • All parts fully bio-degradable and made in South Africa
  • Companion plants (when two plants are grown together for the benefit of one or both of those plants): Basil, Gooseberries, Lettuce, Peppers, Sage, Spinach

This Slab of Seed will grow you 3 delicious heirloom tomato varieties:

  • Black Krim (indeterminate) tomatoes are native to Russia and named for their dark, black-purple colouring. "Krim" is the Ukrainian word for Crimea, the Ukrainian island where the Black Krim was cultivated.
    • Tasting note: Smokey, salty & meaty
  • Banana Legs (determinate) tomatoes are these beautiful elongated plum tomatoes with a striking yellow colour. They were first bred in the US by John Swenson in 1984 and so they are considered a "modern heirloom" as they are less than 60 years old. The compact plants of "Banana Legs" are very productive, producing heavy yields of 5-10 cm fruit that are similar in shape and colour to a small banana
    • Tasting note: Meaty & fruity with few seeds & low acid
  • Marmand (indeterminate) tomato is named after a city in the southwest of France. Marmande is a classic French heirloom that dates back to the end of the 19th century. Marmande tomatoes were first bred by Vilmorin Seed Company and released about 1897. Plants produce clusters of 150-300g deep red, slightly flattened, oblate fruits that are meaty, lightly lobed and contain an excellent, complex, slightly tart taste
    • Tasting note: Savoury, fruity & juicy

About Sow Delicious

In 2013, Vanessa Jacobs set out to find the simplest way to grow a garden fit for a foodie, giving people the opportunity to proudly plant a garden that is Sow Delicious! She came up with the idea for the ‘Slab of Seed’ which might look like a slab of chocolate, but is made from a special blend of organically enriched super-soil and infused with rare heirloom seed – the purest & oldest seed on earth which is also non-GMO. The slabs are handmade in a unique little chocolate factory in the heart of Eden in The Garden Route.


  • 12-block slab
  • 1 block's yield = 30+ tomatoes
  • Dimensions: 8cm L x 20cm W x 2cm H
  • Weight: 100g
  • Sprouts in: 12 - 16 days
  • Harvest in: 12 - 15 weeks
  • Pick for: 6+ weeks
  • Full sun 6 - 10 hours
  • Spacing: 50cm apart
  • Watering: Daily until sprouting, then every 3 to 4 days

Care Instructions

How to plant:

  1. Snap the slab of seed into single blocks
  2. Before planting, soak in water until the block sinks
  3. Plant 2mm below the surface of the soil. Crush the block lightly as you plant it

Warranty Info

This product has a shelf life of 12-months from the date of production.

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