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A great glass will change the way you feel about serving drinks and make you look good while doing it. From wine, beer, cocktail and gin glasses, to pitchers, decanters, highballs and tumblers​, we've sourced, tried and tested the finest quality glassware we can find.

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1.  Red Wine  Glasses

1. Red Wine Glasses

The red wine glass is characterised by its height, wide brim and larger bowl. The broad bowl enhances the wine’s flavours and aromas, and allows for optimum aeration.

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2.  White Wine  Glasses

2. White Wine Glasses

The white wine glass features a slim, upright U-shaped design, as white wine requires less aeration. A longer stem makes it easier to hold the glass by the stem rather than by the bowl, keeping the wine cooler.

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3.  Champagne  Glasses

3. Champagne Glasses

Characteristically upright and narrow, the sparkling wine glass or flute features an elegant, long stem. The smaller rim and additional surface area preserve carbonation, and retain flavour and aroma for longer.

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4.  Highball  Glasses

4. Highball Glasses

The highball glass has a tall, slim design, featuring straight sides that make it elegant and versatile. They are perfect for serving water, tall cocktails on the rocks, soft drinks and juices.

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5.  Tumbler  Glasses

5. Tumbler Glasses

The tumbler is a short, relatively wide glass with a flat bottom and straight sides. It’s used for serving water, whisky and other spirits, as well as cocktails.

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