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Ready to get those gifts you really want?

We know that adding gifts to your registry can be a little overwhelming. And we know that you're probably a little worried about what your guests might think of it. You've got a lot on your plate with planning a wedding, and you deserve one less thing to worry about. Here are our top 10 tips for wedding registry success.

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1. What to add to your registry

When adding products to your wedding registry, try to find a balance between the timeless classics that you'll appreciate forever and those on-trend items you’ve got to have right now. Good quality knives, cookware, glassware and tableware are must-haves on everyone’s list — and they'll look as good years from now as they do today.

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2. Get cosy with homeware

Is your kitchen already looking well equipped? Explore our homeware category for more great gifts. Whether you're regularly hosting guests or dressing up a new home, our range of quality homeware offers some unique touches to help make your home more cosy — from luxurious Hungarian goose down duvets and comfy bathrobes, to self-watering pot plants and handmade storage baskets.

3. Add products together as a couple

Yuppiechef customers all say it's fun to add gifts to their wedding registries as a couple. Take some time out, grab a laptop or tablet, and choose gifts you'll both enjoy. We stock over 8,500 quality kitchen and homeware products!

4. Keep your registry up to date

Come back to your registry often, as we're always adding new products to our range! We wouldn’t want you to miss out on something perfect for your home. Little hint: subscribe to our newsletter and get product news to your inbox.

5. Let them know which ones are your favourites

Remember to mark which gifts are your favourites (with the little heart icon) so that your guests know which products you love the most. The truth is, whether you ask for them or not, wedding guests are inclined to give gifts and they want to buy you something they know you'll love. So don't feel shy about it.

6. Remember, you can swap

Got your eyes on a big ticket item? Remember that you can always swap out smaller gifts for the bigger one before you close your registry (super discreetly). We keep track of who bought what for you, so even if you do swap out some items, you'll still be able to thank them for the gift they bought you. We won't tell.

7. Choose from every price point

Add enough gifts at different price points, so that your wedding guests have a lot to choose from within their own budgets. And, if they're still unsure of which to choose, they have the option to buy you a Yuppiechef voucher of any amount to go towards your registry.

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8. Bulk up

Add extra of those items that need replacing more often, like towels, bedding and glassware. You'll be happy to have the spares down the line! Similarly, add multiples of items to make up bigger sets — think cutlery and dinnerware.

9. Don't be shy, tell your guests

Don't be shy about letting your guests know about your registry — trust us, your guests want to get it right, and they'd appreciate knowing what you want. From chatting to dozens of Yuppiechef customers, we've found the most popular method is to include a little note with your invitation. We provide a short, shareable, direct link to your Yuppiechef Registry. And for guests who'd prefer to shop in a physical store, we can help them buy off your registry and pay in-store — we'll deliver your gift from them with the rest of your registry.

10. We're here whenever you need us

Consult the Yuppiechef team if you ever get stuck — we're here to help you anytime to build the best possible gift registry for you and your guests. We'll also send you some helpful nudges automatically by email along the way.

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