Nespresso Coffee Capsules

Nespresso automatic espresso machines are only compatible with Nespresso coffee capsules. Nespresso coffee capsules are available from Nespresso boutique stores or online at

Nespresso Automatic Espresso Machines

A capsule coffee machine that delivers consistent results every time? Brillante, non è vero? Nespresso stands for brilliant, innovative design, and, of course, top notch coffee. For people considering stepping into their world, these are what we consider to be the five key benefits of the Nespresso coffee systems.

1. No mess, no fuss: Nespresso rules out the need for measuring spoons, knock-boxes, bag clips and airtight containers. For the slick, minimalist kitchen or high flying office? The perfect partner.

2. Top quality coffee: Nespresso have developed their own range of sixteen Grand cru coffees that are blended, roasted and ground by international coffee experts. The capsule system yields a consistent product with great crema and tasty aromas. Did we mention the rainbow colours?

3. Zero user error: Nespresso brings home-brewed espresso within everyone’s reaches. No need to worry about milk and steam temperatures, grind fineness or quantities – with Nespresso, everyone’s a top notch barista.

4. Fresh for months: Fresh coffee, even if meticulously resealed in bags or containers, must be finished within a maximum of two weeks as it starts to lose quality as soon as it’s roasted. The ground contents of Nespresso capsules however, stays fresh for months as it is hermetically sealed into aluminium cases and 100% protected from oxidisation and light (so you can drink coffee at your own pace, without compromising on quality).

5. Beautiful design: Coffee machines live on the counter, and the sleek and compact designs of the Nespresso range get them a double thumbs up from us.