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Let your kitchen dreams take shape with our top-notch range of cutting boards and blocks. From sturdy, durable plastic chopping boards that stand the test of time to stylish natural wood blocks that jazz up your kitchen, find the perfect match for your cooking adventures. Get ready to slice, carve, and chop your way to seamlessly cut bliss! 😍

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Your roast's new best friend Did someone say functional chopping board?

This Extra Large Chopping Board's clever design boasts an angled base, raised edges, and spill-proof corners, ensuring effortless use — while catching all that delicious juices. Slicing and dicing reach a whole new level of convenience with a dedicated meat grip and a flawlessly smooth cutting surface. Say hello to your new favourite kitchen essential! 🧑‍🍳

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Every butcher needs a high-quality block

This high-quality Meat Board is made for seamless meal prep, grilling, and elegant serving. Fashioned from locally sourced Knysna Blackwood, this board boasts space for meats or veggies. Plus, extra room for spices and sauces! With convenient grooves for easy handling and maintenance, it's your kitchen's all-in-one superstar. Braai to table? Just got easier. 😉

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