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Ensure you buy the appropriate sharpening tool necessary for your knife.

  • Length 15 cm, wide 5 cm, height 2.5 cm
  • Coarse and Fine Grain (J400 / J2000)
  • Suitable for use with water or oil, but once you start using oil, you can no longer use water.

Once you've mastered how to use a whetstone, you'll never have to battle with a blunt knife again.



Directions to Sharpening:

Immerse the stone 5 - 10 minutes in water before each use. Water becomes the lubricant, ensuring particles are carried away from the blade. Always place the stone on a flat, slip-resistant surface. Use the entire surface of the stone when sharpening. This will ensure even wear of the stone over time.

Pull the edge of the blade in an angle of 15 - 20° across the stone from the heel of the blade to its very tip. Use gentle pressure. Repeat this same procedure on the other side of the edge. Use this same procedure on both sides of the stone, using the coarse side first. The coarse grain is suitable for removing small flaws, dents, etc. and to prepare the edge for honing.

The fine grain is used to hone the edge to the desired sharpness. 


Classic Coarse and Fine Grain Whetstone

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Customer Reviews

4.0 out of 5 stars from 4 reviews
4 out of 4 people would recommend this product
Belinda A.

"Sharp, sharp!!!"

I am fanatical about sharp knives and have tried so many different knife sharpeners with varying degrees of success. I am delighted to say that this product is very good. My knives are sharp and it doesn't damage them whilst sharpening. The only drawback is that you have to soak the stone for five minutes or so prior to using it so I just sharpen all my knives when I use it. It also comes in a nice wooden box so it stores well. I would recommend using a damp cloth or non stick mat under it while using it, otherwise it slips. Highly recommended.

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Justin A.

"Good value BUT take special note of the size"

- Good value at it has both rough and fine grit.
- Compact & relatively lightweight
- Reputable brand

- SIZE. It is small. Take special care in reading the size description. Unlike the Global/Minosharp stones which accomodate the entire span of a chef's knife - with this stone you will have to segment your sharpening, which isn't ideal.
- The previous reviewer mentioned that it comes in a wooden box. It does not.
- No non-slip base

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"Excellent sharpening stone"

I followed the instructions exactly and it worked beautifully. It is only to be used with water and not oil.

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Abu A.

"A bit on the small side"

The price is reasonable considering it is 'double sided', however it is a small whetstone compared to some of the others available. It also doesn't come with a proper holder which you can use to house it while sharpening your knife.

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