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Why we're head over heels for jaffles! 🍞🧀🤤 From crispy crusts to heavenly fillings

Like fashion, food moves in trends. Some are new, while others make wild comebacks, because they never really left our hearts. Like a pair of your favourite, worn jeans and a VW camper, the classic jaffle is something we won’t ever tire of. The most basic of concepts, the jaffle is seeing a revival in bistros, homes and campfires the globe over. Here’s why we love it so.

What is a jaffle?

Whatever you call this foodie phenomenon – toasties, sarmies or snackwiches – the jaffle is the most simple of concepts. Take any bread you like, with any filling your stomach desires, be it mature cheddar and smoked ham or roast veggies and hummus, and tuck it snuggly into the jaws of the jaffle iron, add a little heat, preferably over the fire, et voilà. A golden pocket of inevitably cheesy goodness awaits you.

So, where did it come from?

The original old-school jaffle irons, yes those that looked like little UFOs with metal clamps, originated in Australia and South Africa and were made for use on gas, electric as well as open flame cooking. The clamp-able, metal skillets made them ideal for reheating leftovers and turning them into easy lunchbox meals or campfire snacks as any filling would be sealed inside the toasted bread. A simple invention with magical, cheese filled consequences.

The modern day jaffle

From here on out, countless clamp and cook devices were invented – famously the snackwich maker – but nothing compares to the original jaffle iron. The Diablo Jaffle Iron holds all the charm of the original but with added modern day, non-stick technology. Turns out we didn’t miss scrubbing the metal clean.

Which fillings work best?

When it comes to perfecting these the jaffle, cheese is always a winner. Other than that try these combos:

  • leftover mince from last night’s bolognese for the best Sloppy Joes
  • mushrooms and Taleggio
  • cheese and tomato
  • Nutella and bananas with toasted almonds (use brioche bread or regular white loaf)
  • Piccalilli or chutney, cheddar and tomato

Now is your turn — go try out your very own jaffle and experience what childhood camping stories are made of!

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