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Hello, high-tech dental care!

Tired of the daily dental grind? Enjoy superior oral hygiene with our range of Usmile's electric toothbrushes, for both grown-ups and little grinners. With sonic technology, they remove plaque using high-frequency vibrations. Want an instant refresh? The ultrasonic water flosser is a real ‘Wow!’ moment for your teeth and gums. Say hi to your smile's new best friend.

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Electric elegance Usmile Sonic Electric Toothbrush U2S

The Sonic Electric Toothbrush features a dazzling marble design, lovingly moulded through 6 stages and 100 days of polish. Get ready to flash your brightest smile with its versatile brushing modes, gentle and powerful sonic vibrations, and a handy timer to keep brushing on track — no hiding spots for plaque here!

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Fun-tastic toothbrush 🪥 Usmile Sonic Electric Toothbrush For Kids Q4

Make toothbrush time a breeze for your kids! The Sonic Electric Toothbrush for Kids is ideal for kids aged 3-12 years, and comes highly recommended by dentists. With its small 14mm brush head, playful sticker, waterproof build, and a grip that’s perfect for little hands, cleaning teeth has never been this much fun!

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