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15 treat-yourself faves from our teamStaff favourites with It's the best! status

Ever wonder whether we have to fight the urge to shop our own range? The answer is yes ā€” daily šŸ˜‚. Sometimes we cave... and we never regret it. Case in point below ā€” from comfort and convenience-boosting finds to beautiful objects, how are we meant to resist?

Snooze-inducing bedding ā€” Linen House Elka Bamboo White Oxford Duvet Cover, 500 Thread Count

"There's nothing better than an amazing night's sleep, and this guarantees that day-after-day, or should I rather say night šŸ˜‰."
ā€” Chantell G. (Omnichannel Operations Team)

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A real showstopper! ā€” Wade Ceramics Gluggle Jug XL, 1.3L

"It was a splurge but I absolutely love it because friends love to hear the glug sound at dinner parties so it is a conversation starter and as a vase it adds a pop of quirkiness to the room. "
ā€” Dani O. (Marketing Team)

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Top-notch tipple alert ā€” Crystal Head Vodka, 750ml

"It definitely has to be Crystal Head Vodka ā€” it's just pure quality. You can taste why it's superior to other brands. "
ā€” Christine S. (Somerset Mall Store Team)

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A stovetop trio of all-stars ā€” Sagenwolf Silver Series Stainless Steel Cookware Set, 3-Piece

"I am loving this cookware set ā€” using these pots is struggle-free and cleaning is easy which saves so much time. Food doesn't burn easily so, I really enjoy using them."
ā€” Chris J. (Northridge Store Team)

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Surround sound made easy ā€” Google Nest Mini Smart Speaker

"It's not really a spoil ā€” it's more functional ā€” but having Google Nest Mini Smart Speakers throughout my house is freakin' awesome, particularly because they sync up with each other automatically and you can have music or a podcast playing in every room."
ā€” Jon E. (Tech Team)

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Cookware for keeps ā€” Victoria Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet

"The most amazing product I have ever spoiled myself with. Whenever Iā€™m off, I make nice grilled chicken or pork and with 'Madame Victoria' (a name I gave my skillet) šŸ˜‚ā¤ļø."
ā€” Amanda S. (Gateway Store Team)

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A baking game-changer! ā€” KitchenAid Stand Mixer

"We had wanted a KitchenAid stand mixer for a LONG time and we finally bought one in 2021 ā€” it was the best thing we've ever bought!"
ā€” Daniel B. (Whale Coast Store Team)

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A knife-changing purchase šŸ˜‰ ā€” Humble & Mash Gripline Series Knives

"I bought myself the whole range of Humble & Mash Gripline knives as a house warming gift. They're super reliable, very comfortable in my hand, the edge hasn't given me a problem at all and, unsurprisingly, they're always the hot topic around the table when I lay them out!"
ā€” Ian P. (Tech Team)

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It's got the power! āš”ļø ā€” Hoover Wet and Dry Vacuum, 35L

"My absolute favourite big girl purchase. Our ancient Hoover (looked a bit like R2-D2 from Star Wars) finally gave up the ghost and we really struggled to find a vacuum that had similar power. The suction power truly feels like our old Hoover! Happy we stuck with the brand. Can never go wrong with a wet and dry vacuum, multifunctional is always better."
ā€” Zoe T. (Planning Team)

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Bye, floss šŸ‘‹ see you never! ā€” Pomadent Pomafloss Portable Water Flosser

"No more sticking string in your mouth! What a win. Love using this every day."
ā€” Warren H. (Senior Leadership Team)

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The Italian coffee icon ā˜•ļø ā€” Bialetti Moka Express Espresso Maker

"This ties into my coffee love. Whenever I plan a trip, my friends always ask 'You bring the Bialetti, I'll bring the coffee?'. So many special moments have been shared sitting around my Moka Pot on the mountain, rusk ready, waiting for it to boil."
ā€” Colette R. (Marketing Team)

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Next-level non-stick šŸ³ ā€” Sagenwolf Titanium Series Non-Stick Frying Pan

"I got the 20cm size just to try it out and I just fell in love with how easy it is to clean , the non-stick coating works so well! Not to mention how lightweight the pan is ā€” makes me want to practice my pancake flipping skills. I definitely need to get more of them!"
ā€” Handi M. (Tech Team)

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Juuust hot enough āœØ ā€” Cuisinart Cordless Temperature Control Kettle, 1.7L

"Now we can boil the water to the perfect temperature required (we learned that plunger coffee tastes more bitter if you pour boiling water directly on it)... and the pistachio green colour looks gorgeous on my countertop."
ā€” Jamie M. (Marketing Team)

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Homemade is best šŸ ā€” Marcato Atlas 150 Manual Pasta Machine

"This is such a fun way to make pasta and once you get one, you'll struggle to eat store-bought pasta again! So interactive and makes cooking with friends and family a fun experience ā€” just laughs as you get covered in flour together and then enjoy the delish pasta together."
ā€” Satara L. (Marketing Team)

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Snack central ā€” Laid Back Company Round Wooden Cheese Platter, 57cm

"We love hosting and we literally use this board every weekend ā€” perfect for laying out an abundant tapas platter or dessert platter. It can fit loads (57cm is beeeg) which is great because snacks should always be plentiful! Building a beautiful board of eats on this brings me so. much. joy."
ā€” Marli M. (Content Team)

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