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Say 'no' to bland dishes and up the flavour of your food with our extensive collection of exotic rubs, herbs, spices and seasoning mixes. No kitchen cupboard is complete without curry powders, cardamom pods, garam masala, mustard seeds, coriander, meat rubs, all spice, salts and peppers — we stock them all, and a whole lot more.

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Add some funky to your food Braai-ten up any day

Funky Ouma is the result of a very funky ouma of 10 grandchildren — who's been playing around with food and spices all her life. At 67, she decided to start her own brand together with her youngest daughter. Funky Ouma offers a wonderful variety of farm-fresh, herb-filled salts and spices made with natural ingredients for everyday use (especially for braaiing).

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Cure meats and fish with ease Pass the salt (slab)

Been desperate to try out cooking with a Himalayan salt slab? The moisture from the food draws the salt from the slab, adding rich flavour and trace minerals to any dish. It's ideal for grilling meat in the oven or braai and can also be used to cure fish like trout. Sign us up!

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