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Speciality Coffee MakersHey, hey, home barista!

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Discover new and interesting ways to brew coffee. From the iconic AeroPress and on-the-go MiniPresso, to pour-over and syphon coffee makers, there's more than one way to craft the perfect cup. Shop our range of speciality coffee makers and unlock your inner barista.

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Most popular specialty coffee makers

Yuppiechef top pick — AeroPress Coffee Maker

The AeroPress Coffee Maker's unique design combines the infusing properties of a French press with the pressure of an espresso machine, offering one of the smoothest, richest coffees you'll ever taste.

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Chemex Coffee Maker

Invented in 1941, the iconic hourglass coffee maker is a firm favourite for enjoying pour-over style coffee. Used with quality filter paper, the Chemex produces a clean, clear cup of coffee that retains all of its flavour notes. We love its timeless design and that it's as easy to use is it is to clean.

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