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Smart HomeGet hands-free help around the house.

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With virtual helpers from Google, Xiaomi and Amazon, home living just got a little easier. Whether you want to switch on your music playlist while you're cooking, make a phone call while unpacking groceries, check the weather before you step out, get recipe inspiration in an instant, or even dim the lights, our range of smart home tech and connected living products gives you a voice-activated virtual assistant to help manage your home every step of the way.

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Google Home

Stream your favourite songs, playlists and podcasts from popular streaming services. Ask Google to turn on compatible lights, TVs, and more. Connect multiple Google devices for seamless transition from room to room. And get help even faster, just by saying, "Hey Google."

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Amazon Echo products with Alexa

Amazon Echo

Ask Amazon's smart assistant, Alexa, for a song, artist or genre from your favourite streaming service. Turn on compatible lights, lock doors and more with connected devices. And create routines to start and end your day, all with voice commands. "Alexa, we love you."

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Step into Xiaomi Smart Living, blending innovation with practicality. Xiaomi offers smart appliances to effortlessly enhance your daily routine, from pet water fountains to lights, security cameras, airfryers, and robot vacuums. Easily control and monitor your intelligent home with Xiaomi's Smart Home App. Hello, connected living!

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Brighten up your world with Yeelight — the coolest in smart home lighting! The Yeelight app lets you manage and customise smart bulbs, lamps, and more, adding a pop of colour, adjusting brightness, and even setting up lighting schedules. From cosy ambiance lights to snazzy table lights — it’s smart lighting redefined.

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