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Level up your living space with our range of quality rugs and carpets — from statement pieces to cosy up your lounge area to bedside warmers, kitchen runners, bathroom mats and durable outdoor rugs. Whether you're looking for a traditional twill weave or luxurious modern textiles, you'll love the beautiful lustres, bold colouring and gorgeous patterns.

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Yuppiechef top pick Hertex HAUS rugs and wall art

Founded in 1987, Hertex has become one of South Africa's best loved fabric, rug and wall covering brands. HAUS by Hertex offers a range of simple, sophisticated homeware. From floral, geometric and classic rugs and runners, to beautiful wall art, you'll love their on-trend looks.

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Handy tips for shopping rugs

Tips for buying a rug

Style your rug right!

Colour — fun but tricky! Put together a palette of what's already in the room, and shades for a rug that will complement them.

Texture and patterns — choose the material and weave based on textural detail you want to create. Thicker weaves for warmth; patterns to make a statement.

Size and shape — the rug shouldn't overfill the space, nor get lost or compete with existing lines and shapes. You might need to try a few in the space to see how they work before deciding.

Add that special touch to your patio What makes a rug right for outside?

  • Outdoor rugs are usually made of durable polypropylene material
  • Lightweight but hardwearing
  • It's also stain-resistant, easy to clean, won't fade from sunlight and can handle heavy foot traffic
  • It looks fresh, come rain or shine!
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