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Revol ‐ Beautiful Dinnerware & Serveware Made In France since 1769

Revol is loved throughout the world for its innovative yet functional dinnerware and serveware. The range features dinner plates, bowls, platters, fun mugs and stylish saucers — all in bold colours and beautiful finishes. With a 250 year legacy, you can trust every piece that has the Revol name on it to help you showcase recipes that have been in your family for years.

Revol products have an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars from 6 reviews.

83% of customers would recommend this brand to a friend.

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Pierre Revol began crafting culinary porcelain in Lyon, France, in 1769. 250 years later, Revol is still a family owned business. And the company continues to produce beautiful, innovative dinnerware and serveware that's loved around the world.

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