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How does Yuppiechef's online wedding registry work?

We understand that you want this part of your journey to be fun and easy and worry-free, so you want to know that our wedding registry is going to work for you. We know the challenges of planning your big day — that's why we've made our registry simple. Get the gifts you really want, delivered to your door!

1. Create your registry for free

Creating a Yuppiechef wedding registry is free. It takes about 5-minutes for the basic setup (we only need your partner's and your email address and your wedding date) and there's no obligation once it's created. What's more, we offer free delivery to your door after your big day.

2. Add products to your registry

Add all the kitchen and home products you'd love — adding a product to your registry is done with a single click. Be sure to add lots of options for your guests to choose from and mark your favourites so that your guests know which you'd love the most. If you're unsure of what to add and how to get the most out of your wedding registry, we've prepared some handy tips to make it easier for you.

Shop our latest homeware products

Shop our latest tableware products

Shop our latest dinnerware

Example of what a Yuppiechef wedding registry might look like
You can choose a cover, upload a photograph of yourselves, and write a message to your guests

3. Personalise your wedding registry page

Personalise your registry and share it with your wedding guests — add a little message for your guests and a photo of yourselves. You'll get a unique link to share in your invites/wedding website. The truth is, whether you ask for them or not, wedding guests are inclined to bring gifts. So don't feel shy about it. Plus you can choose 3 lucky guests to get a special discount on their gift purchase.

4. Edit and swap items anytime

Edit, add or swap items on your registry any time leading up to your wedding day — we're adding new products to our store all the time, so check in regularly! Little hint: subscribe to our newsletter and get product news to your inbox.

Most gifted Bedding

Most gifted Bed & Bath

5. Keep track of thank yous

Choose to get live guest purchase notifications or keep it a surprise until the end. Either way, our thank you manager will help you keep track of those thank yous. We keep track of who bought what for you, so even if you do swap out some items after they're paid for, you'll still be able to thank guests for the gift they bought you. We won't tell.

Most gifted Bubbly

Most gifted Outdoor

6. Close your registry

When you're ready, close your registry and get all your gifts delivered to your door, in one go — for free! If you change your mind about a gift, you can still swap it out before you check out your registry (super discretely, of course).

It's as simple as that. Easy peasy, happily ever after.

You're in good hands… Our friendly customer support team is here to help you every step along the way!

Ready to get started?

Setting up a Yuppiechef online wedding registry is quick, easy and free.

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