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Printworks ‐ Functional Scandinavian design since 2017

Looking for fun products with an aesthetic twist? These classics are for the new generation, while embracing the essence of Scandinavian design. Vibrant colours, materials, and stylish fonts transform these pieces into modern day *showstoppers*. From interactive games that'll have you humming along to your favourite tunes, to timeless classics like Backgammon and Chess — each piece effortlessly adds a touch of charm to your space. The question is: Play or display?

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The ultimate aesthetic chessboard Check mate ♟️

This Classic Chess set is the ultimate coffee table game, a modern reinvention of a timeless classic. With stunning wooden pieces and a sleek and stylish design, it's as much a display piece as it is a game, making it perfect for the modern-day chess player. You'll want it to be the grandmaster at your next games night!

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The Printworks story — creating functional Scandinavian decor

The Printworks story — creating functional Scandinavian decor

Founded in Sweden in 2017, Printworks creates functional decoration with Scandinavian style. They’ve reinvented items typically hidden away in drawers into beautifully designed pieces you’d be proud to display. In today’s digital age, their vision is to inspire people to unplug and reconnect — whether it’s coming together for a board game or creating personal coffee table photo albums.

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