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Banner image of Nordic Stream — premium cleaning equipment

Nordic Stream — premium cleaning equipment

Designed in Sweden for over 40 years, Nordic Stream offers a range of premium cleaning equipment that helps take the chore out of housekeeping. Their Quick Click System allows you to easily swap out a mop head, broom or squeegee onto their space-saving, universal telescopic handles. From floor and window cleaning kits, to microfibre cloths, towels and buckets, you'll find joy in cleaning with these durable, thoughtfully designed tools.

Nordic Stream's Quick Click System

Nordic Stream products have an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars from 62 reviews.

The Nordic Stream range

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About Nordic Stream

With its roots in professional cleaning, Nordic Stream's products are designed to be simple, functional, ergonomic and durable. Their clever Quick Click System not only allows to you seamlessly swap between different cleaning tasks but makes storing the tools a breeze — no more cluttered broom closets.

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