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Whether you're learning to make your own pickles or cheese from scratch or simply want a space-saving solution to resealable bags, Lékué offers a range of practical products that make being in the kitchen more fun. You'll love their simple but elegant design solutions and high-touch finishes. Plus, you can brag to your friends that it's actually pronounced "lay-kway".

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About Lékué

Founded in 1980, Lékué has become a worldwide leader in innovative silicone cooking and baking products for healthy food prep and storage. Their products are not only functional and elegant in design, they're also manufactured to the the strictest international standards for products that come into direct contact with food. And Lékué's products have been recognised with prestigious international awards.

Lékué Silicone Microwave Cheese Maker

Yuppiechef top pick Lékué Silicone Microwave Cheese Maker

This clever little cheese maker lets you make fresh, 100% natural, smooth textured cheese in a simple 15-minute cooking process and an hour and a half of resting. It's smart design allows three cheese-making elements to work together — a bowl to warm the milk, a lid that measures the acid to pour and a strainer where the cheese is formed.

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