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Kenwood Bronze Pasta Die for Pasta Extruder Attachment

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Product Code: AWAT910011

Feature: Maccheroni Code: AWAT910004

x R849.00

Feature: Spaccatelli Code: AWAT910005

x R649.00

Feature: Pappardelle Code: AWAT910007

x R599.00

Feature: Silatelli Code: AWAT910008

x R649.00

Feature: Fusilli Code: AWAT910010

x R649.00

Feature: Bucatini Code: AWAT910012

x R699.00

Feature: Orechiette Code: AWAT910013

x R649.00

Feature: Casarecce Code: AWAT910003

x R599.00

Feature: Spaghetti Quadri Code: AWAT910006

x R599.00

Feature: Linguine Code: AWAT910009

x R649.00

Feature: Conchigliette Code: AWAT910011

x R599.00

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Product Info

Create your favourite or a new pasta at home using these Kenwood Pasta Dies that fit the Pasta Extruder Attachment for your Chef or Chef XL stand mixer. Not only will your pasta be fresh and homemade, but it will be made to the highest artisanal standards using a bronze die for a rougher texture that holds your delicious sauces perfectly.

  • Bronze pasta die for the Kenwood Pasta Maker attachment
  • Suitable for use with the Chef and Chef XL models
  • Bronze die pasta is less dense, with a rougher texture

Pasta die types: 

  • Casarecce pasta is shaped like a very narrow, twisted and rolled tube and is a perfect pasta to go with a meat sauce or add to a casserole dish
  • Maccheroni is a really popular and versatile shape that you can top off with just about any sauce and it's great for al forno dishes too, like macaroni cheese
  • Spaccatelli is a long, tube-shaped pasta that's been sliced down one side to cook more quickly, enabling you to create amazing Mediterranean dishes in no time
  • Spaghetti Quadri is a firm family favourite and the perfect choice for just about any pasta sauce you can think of, traditionally served with a lamb and pepper ragu
  • Silatelli is a short, slightly wider pasta like tagliatelle that is rolled towards the center - from near the Amalfi coast in Naples, it is usually cooked with courgettes and mussels or clams, or can be served with a simple fresh cherry tomato and garlic sauce
  • Linguine literally means 'little tongues' and is a great shape to make to complement a variety of sauces 
  • Fussili's spiralled shape can be topped with any sauce, and added to soups, turned into a salad, or baked in a casserole 
  • Conchigliette is a shell-like pasta shape from Campania with a ribbed surface that's able to collect lots of sauce - so it's a great one to go with a rich and runny pasta sauce and to soak up the flavours in a hearty soup
  • Bucatini are slightly larger than spaghetti with a hole in the middle, so are a good one to make if you're cooking in a hurry - serve with amatriciana and carbonara sauces, or like in Naples, with a meat ragu
  • Orecchiette has numerous regional variations and is excellent with vegetable sauces such as those made with broccoli, rocket, courgette and aubergine, it's also great with seafood, especially mussels

Warranty Info

  • This product comes with a 1 year warranty

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