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Founded in Japan in 1908, KAI has crafted super sharp and functional knives for over a century. Built to stay strong and maintain their edge, you'll love the control and slicing precision these blades provide. Knives are not their only speciality — KAI's prep tool, knife sharpener and knife accessory ranges are perfect additions to any home cook's kitchen collection.

KAI products have an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars from 46 reviews.

98% of customers would recommend this brand to a friend.

What makes KAI special?

KAI is recognised as one of the world leaders in the manufacture of premium chef's knives. Their expertly crafted range is inspired by the centuries old art of Japanese sword forging, and their razor sharp kitchen knives are created in Seki City, Japan’s 700-year-old centre for Samurai swords.

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About Japanese Knife Styles

The Santoku Blade

The Santoku Blade

Santoku is Japanese for three virtues or benefits. Traditionally this shape is used for utility knives, comparable to German chef's knives. The name 'three benefits' is derived from its versatility in cutting fish, meat and vegetables.

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The Yanagiba Blade

The Yanagiba Blade

Yanagiba is Japanese for willow leaf blade. This knife is traditionally used in Japan as a slicing knife. Its slim blade makes it suitable for wafer-thin slicing, while its length allows for a continuous cutting movement.

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The Deba Blade

The Deba Blade

Deba is Japanese for cutting blade. Deba knives are used to cut fish, poultry and other meat. They are similar to a heavy western chef's knife but are lighter, generally have a more round handle and a more precise cut.

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The Nakiri Blade

The Nakiri Blade

Nakiri is Japanese for vegetable chopper. The Nakiri is a traditional vegetable cleaver, ideal for chopping greens and all kinds of vegetables. Despite its cleaver shape, these knives aren't suitable for chopping meat or bones.

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