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Happiness is just a spoonful away β€” bring a little buzz to your day, drip and drizzle with sweet delight, or spread some delicious joy. Whether you've got a sweet tooth, need to stock up on your local faves or are searching for some jam-packed flavour, we've got your back! Shop our range of Jams, Honeys & Syrups and make every moment a little sweeter. 🍯

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Living la vida local πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡¦ β€” Pick your Jam

Queen & Me is a quirky, bijou jam factory where a mother-daughter tag team create delicious artisanal jams. They're all about turning everyday local ingredients into extraordinary spreads, whether it's a feisty orange & ginger delight or a Turkish black fig preserve. Delightfully sticky, terrifically tasty jams, preserves and marmalades β€” with a twist!

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Scoop, spread, savour 🍊 β€” Jam-packed with flavour

Chaloner's jams are more than just spreads, they're the sweet symphony of Perry and Karen's journey β€” a daring couple whose journey from farmers to jam maestros resulted in creations like the acclaimed Seville Orange Marmalade and their irresistibly sticky & sweet Apricot Jam. Infused with local love and fresh, hand-picked ingredients, every spoonful tells a delicious story!

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