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Whether you're a seasoned freelancer or you're simply working from home now and then, kitting out your home office is essential to productive work. Having the right desk, a comfy chair, and a cosy rug can set you up for a good day of ticking things off your to-do list. From standing desks and laptop stands, to smart storage, beautiful decor accessories and understated waste bins, we've got everything you need to achieve the perfect work/life balance in your home.

Stay organised with our cabinets & drawers

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Tech to make your home office even smarter

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Home office planters and storage

A home office hit Make your space work for you

Your work space at home doesn't need to look like a corporate headquarters with generic watercolour paintings and standard issue wheely chairs. Personalise your home office with accents that you love looking at, bring in colours that uplift your mood, make sure there is no clutter with clever storage solutions, and add some life with a few indoor plants. Let the inspiration and productivity flow!

Add a breath of fresh air Air Purifiers & Diffusers

Freshen up your space with our range of air purifiers and diffusers. Air purifiers are great for keeping the air in your office clean and dust free. A diffuser transforms a room with a gentle fragrance. When choosing a scent for your diffuser, go for something that is likely to boost productivity and keep you focused, like eucalyptus and orange (both are said to help with concentration), or one that soothes anxiety and tension, like vanilla.

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