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Hoefats ‐ Brings fire into your life!

Hoefats (also spelled Höfats) is on a mission to bring fire back into your life. Because shared moments with loved ones are, quite simply, much more beautiful with fire in the atmosphere. Hoefats combines unique design with exciting functionality in an effort to be the best there is in sophisticated solutions for fire at home — inside and outdoors. This multi-award-winning German brand leads with innovation, technology and aesthetics.

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An all-in-one crate, fire pit, grill and stool! Hoefats Beer Box Fire Basket

This do-it-all designer Beer Box Fire Basket is your fire-making friend for every adventure. Multi-purpose in its unique, stackable design, you can accessorise with a range of add-ons that can turn it into a mobile grill, stool, bottle opener and beer crate. The robust construction means it'll last — unlike conventional steel, corten steel forms a stable rust layer that protects against progressive corrosion.

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The spark that started the Hoefats fire

The spark that started the Hoefats fire

Founders Thomas and Christian met while studying mechanical engineering and subsequently studied product design together in Berlin. They joined forces in 2015 to create a lifestyle brand that reconnects us with fire and everything associated with it — shared memories with family and friends, spending time outside in nature and a sense of adventure. They lead by expertly combining technology, innovation and aesthetics.

Build your braai with clever add-ons

Build your braai with clever add-ons

Each of the Hoefats Fire Pits & Braais comes with a range of genius accessories that transform it from a basic fire bowl or basket into a braai or multi-use stool or serving board. So you can start with a fire pit and end with a versatile adventure-essential that you can use for warmth, cooking, carrying and serving!

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