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What are browser cookies?

You are viewing this page in an application called a web browser — most likely it is Google's Chrome, Apple's Safari, Microsoft's Edge or Firefox browser.

When you click from one page to another on this website, keeps track of your behaviour to give you a better and more personalised experience. For example, if you add something to your cart and then click to another page, we must remember that the item is in your cart. tells your web browser to store a small bit of information to track your shopping progress, and this is called a "cookie".

It is possible to disable all cookies from being stored on your computer or device. Some people do this out of privacy concerns because they don't want the websites they are visiting to know that they also visited the day before. But this also means that the website they are visiting can't remember that you logged in, or that you added something to your cart.

In simple terms, if you disable cookies in your browser, most of will be broken for you.

It is important to note that we at Yuppiechef can't access any information about any other sites that you have visited, whether cookies are enabled or disabled. We can only store and retrieve what you have done on our site, and we only use this information to make using as easy as possible. We don't share any information about you with any other company.

To read about how to enable cookies, here is a simple guide: WikiHow - Enable Cookies

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