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How do returns work for items bought in a bundle discount special?

If you need to return any item bought within a bundle discount special, e.g. from our annual 4 for 3 Sale, the value of the free item will be considered the discount, and divided and applied equally across all four items in that bundle.

Any one item would therefore be refunded at its value less discount amount divided by the number of items in the special bundle, e.g. buy 4 get cheapest free.

For example:

  • If you buy four items for:
    1. R300
    2. R250
    3. R150
    4. And R100
  • The R100 item would be free, because it's the lowest priced item in that bundle.
  • If you return any of those individual items, you will be refunded their value less R25 (i.e. R100 divided by 4):
    1. R275 (R300 minus R25 discount)
    2. R225 (R250 minus R25 dicount)
    3. R125 (R150 minus R25 discount)
    4. And R75 respectively (R100 minus R25 discount)
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