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How does the 4 for 3 Sale work?

Add any 4 items showing this icon… (4 for 3 icon) …to your cart.
You'll get the lowest value item free!


How it works

Buy any 4 products from the 4 for 3 Sale collection and you will receive every 4th lowest value item for free.

What if I buy 8 products?

If you buy 8 products then the 4th lowest and the 8th lowest priced item will be free.

What if I buy 6 products?

If you buy 6 products, then only the 4th lowest value item will be free.

How does the discount work?

The items in your order are ranked from highest to lowest value and every fourth item is free, for example:

Can I split my order and send it to multiple addresses?

This promotion allows only one delivery per order. If you require orders to multiple delivery addresses, you will need to create separate orders, and each of those order would need at least 4 items for the discount to apply.

When will I see the discount coming off my total amount due?

Proceed through to checkout and you will see what your basket total is, including the discount.

How do I know where to find other products from The 4 for 3 Sale?

All items that belong to the 4 for 3 Sale have a 4 for 3 icon displayed. The icon looks like this:

(4 for 3 icon)

You can find these throughout the site and on the dedicated 4 for 3 Sale page.

What if I want to return one of my items?

If you need to return any item bought within a 4 for 3 bundle, the value of the free item will be considered the discount, and divided and applied equally across all four items in that bundle.

Any one item would therefore be refunded at its value less one quarter of the total discount.

For example:

What is excluded from the promotion?

Any purchases within a Wedding Registry or the Trade Partner Program will be excluded from the promotion.

Offer available while stocks last.

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