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Why do I keep seeing Yuppiechef ads on other websites?

How to turn off Google and Facebook's ad personalisation

While we unfortunately can't control which ads show up for you on the websites you are visiting (more about why below), we can guide you to your ad preference settings in Google and Facebook if you're feeling inundated by Yuppiechef ads.

Why we use cookies

We use cookies to make the browsing experience on our site better — for things like keeping track which items are in your cart across different pages or remembering that you’re logged in. In simple terms, if you disable cookies in your browser, most of will be broken for you. It is important to note that we at Yuppiechef can't access any information about any other sites that you have visited, whether cookies are enabled or disabled.

Learn more about what browser cookies are and why we use them.

Below is a bit more detail about why we sadly can’t do anything from our side other than sharing the ad preference guidelines above, which will hopefully help you understand it from our point of view.

Why you're seeing Yuppiechef ads

The other websites on which you're reading articles and seeing ads have chosen to fund their work by being part of the Google Network to Display Ads. Facebook has a similar ad partner network to show you ads within the app. The ads you’re seeing are determined by Google's systems based on all your browsing activity (yes, through cookies) and picked from a pool of many advertisers that are paying Google to show their ads on this network. If Yuppiechef ads were not showing there, someone else's ads would be (very likely another online store you visit) unless the site owners of the articles decided to stop showing ads altogether. Or, in the case of some news sites, readers with memberships don't see ads.

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