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Safety precautions we’re taking to fight the spread of Covid-19

We’re following specific protocols to prevent the spread of coronavirus, and keep our teams, our couriers and our customers safe.

In all our workplaces

  • We’ve supplied cloth masks to all team members not working from home, which are to be worn at all times while at work. All staff who can work from home are doing so
  • We’re screening all team members for any Covid-relevant symptoms at the start of every shift, and recording their temperatures throughout the day
  • We’re practising social distancing throughout the day
  • We’re disinfecting all workstations and common areas regularly, and enforcing regular hand washing and sanitising

In our stores

  • We’re limiting the number people allowed inside each store at one time, based on the store size
  • We're asking everyone to sanitise as they enter
  • We’re encouraging no-touch forms of payment, like SnapScan, Zapper and contactless card taps
  • We’ve applied floor decals advising safe distancing for queuing

During delivery

  • You'll either be offered a sterilising wipe before signing on the tablet for delivery confirmation, or be asked for your details for the courier to enter themselves.
  • Our couriers will stay a minimum 1.5-metre gap from you.
  • We’re advising customers to please
    • Wear a cloth face mask when receiving your delivery
    • Disinfect your received parcels and products before opening or handling them, and to
    • Wash your hands immediately after receiving and opening a new parcel, before touching anything else.

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