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PostNet Collections

How do PostNet collections work?

  • At Checkout, select the "Collect from selected PostNet store" as your delivery option
  • Using the form, select the city and PostNet store where you'd like your order delivered
  • When the order is shipped from our warehouse, it will be sent to the Postnet store
  • You'll be notified by SMS when it arrives for you to collect
  • You will require your ID/licence and the order number to complete the collection

What does the Postnet delivery option cost?

Learn more about delivery charges.

Where are the PostNet stores located?

Participating PostNet stores are located across more than 20 cities. The exact address of the store will appear when it is selected at checkout time. Not all PostNet branches are available in our delivery network.

What times are PostNet stores open?

We'd recommend that you confirm with your PostNet branch before collection. You can also take a closer look at PostNet's store locator.

How can we help? e.g. How to track my order

Still a bit stumped? Send us an email or call 0861 702 4969.

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