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KitchenAid vs Kenwood

masana sangweni | 07 Apr 2015 in Kitchen Tools & Appliances (Category closed) | 5 Responses

I need to make a decision. I'm not sure where to buy KitchenAid or Kenwood stand mixers.

I'm leaning towards KitchenAid cause of its 5 year guarantee even though it's R2500 more expensive than the Kenwood.

5 Answers

Angela Hawkey answered on 07 Apr 2015

Hi Masana
What an exciting kitchen adventure you are about to embark on!
If you compare the Artisan mixer and the kMix, their specs are fairly similar in terms of bowl size and attachments. The kMix has a slightly higher wattage and the KitchenAid has a few extra speed settings, but ultimately they are both well built, generally reliable and sturdy machines.
It comes down to a couple of things, such as the price and warranty as you mentioned. The KitchenAid does have a longer warranty period so think about whether this outweighs the extra R2500 for you.
Also worth considering - which design and colour suits you and your kitchen best? Do you prefer a more retro feel in perhaps a pastel colour? Then KitchenAid is the way to go. Or are you looking for a more classic look in stripes or a primary colour? Then Kenwood is your best bet.
I hope this helps - enjoy finding your perfect mixer match!
Thanks Angela

Emilia Sanders answered on 17 Jul 2015

I love the KitchenAid products and I like the design, and this technique works longer without any fixes


jessica braham answered on 05 Nov 2020

Hi masana, I would like to say that go KitchenAid because I used Kenwood stand mixers previously I got a serious problem with their wiring now I'm using this for the last three months and I am very much happy with this product.

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