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A good-quality ​duvet is a ​worthy investment, making winter nights a pleasure and summer sleeps ​comfortable and light. ​Shop our range of feather, goose down and fine fibre duvet inners to find the best weight and warmth for you. King, queen, double, single – you'll find the fit you need.

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Which duvet inner is right for you?

Natural: Feather & Down

Most natural duvets are a mix of feathers with a percentage of either duck or goose down.

  • Down feathers are the smallest, finest feathers — they trap the most air and are the most insulating
  • Feathers trap less air but make natural duvets more cost effective
  • Percentage of down affects the duvet's insulating abilities, softness, and price
  • Duck and goose down have slight differences and this also affects the overall feeling of the duvet
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Synthetic: Continuous & Loose Fill

Down alternative inners can be either one continuous piece of material or a loose filling.

  • Continuous filling duvets can be quilt or blanket like and won't drape naturally
  • Loose or microfibre filled duvets drape much like natural duvets
  • Synthetic duvets are usually easier to clean than feather and down
  • Better for allergy sufferers
  • More affordable than natural
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Goose Down vs Duck Down

Goose Down:

  • Clusters are generally larger and trap more air
  • Is lighter, more fluffy and more insulating
  • Tends to produce more fill for less feathers, making it lighter
  • Larger feathers make the down more breathable
  • Is generally more resilient and durable than duck down

Duck Down:

  • Clusters are generally smaller and trap less air
  • Is heavier and a little less insulating than goose down
  • Requires more feathers for more fill, making it heavier
  • Smaller feathers make it less breathable than goose down
  • Is much cheaper to harvest

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