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Transform your kitchen into a creative playground with our delightful selection of deli and speciality ingredients — they’re like the eccentric artists of the culinary world, adding enchanting flavour to every creation. From relishes to preserves, dukkah and truffle-infused delights, get ready to add a magical touch to your gastronomic adventures!

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Truffle treasures from Down Under! 🇦🇺 Stonebarn

Stonebarn is a large commercial truffle producer in the West Australian food and wine region of Manjimup — the heart of Australian truffle country. The secret in their unbeatable quality, flavour, and fragrance lies in the fertile, well-drained loam soils, cultivating the perfect terroir for truffle magnificence. With a remarkable earthy aroma and an aftertaste that lingers, you’re in for a culinary sensation like no other.

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