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Cuisinart ‐ Exclusive to Yuppiechef:Beautiful, functional kitchen appliances since 1973

Known for launching the world's first food processor which revolutionised kitchens across America, Cuisinart has become iconic for its innovative appliances. They know that hosting can be a daunting task but when you have the right tools at hand, it’s easy to rustle up something delicious — which is why they’ve developed a range of high-quality appliances that can take the strain in the kitchen and give you the confidence to try new things.

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The Cordless Collection

Take them wherever inspiration takes you ⚡ The Cordless Collection

Easy to store and quick to charge, Cuisinart's cordless range is ready to go whenever you are. These battery-powered appliances are loadshedding lifesavers you'll love! Equal parts chic and practical, you'll love this selection of on-the-go essentials.

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Picture of the Cuisinart Automatic Wine Opener and its packaging

Winning at keeping wine fresh! 🍷 Automatic Wine Opener

Cut the foil, put the opener over the bottle and press the up arrow to effortlessly remove the cork. Does it get any easier? We don't think so. And if you happen to have leftovers, the vacuum sealer preserves the freshness and flavour of unfinished wines, and you can even set the date indicator as a reminder of when the bottle was opened. Nifty and novel, it's a great gift, too.

Picture of the Cuisinart Seasoning Mill

Ramp up flavour in stylish splendour 🧂 The ultimate Seasoning Mill

These seasoning mills from Cuisinart are everything you want in a grinder and good looking, too. Part of their Style Collection, they are rechargeable and need only the touch of a button to sprinkle salt or pepper on your dish or at the table. The dual design means you can simply flip the mill to switch between salt and pepper. We love this hard-working mini appliance.

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How it all began...

Founder Carl Sontheimer, a retired physicist and accomplished cook, introduced his domestic version of the food processor in 1973, prompting the likes of Julia Child and James Beard to hail it as revolutionary. Today, Cuisinart is a trusted, long-standing kitchen appliance brand with over 40 years of culinary excellence, known for its innovation, quality and exceptional workmanship.

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