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Cooking AppliancesTools for stewing, steaming, sautéing and more

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As all home chefs will know, the right cooking tools can make the world of difference in the kitchen. Looking to steam vegetables? Roast chicken? Bake bread? We've got every cooking appliance you could possibly need, from airfryers, pressure cookers and pizza ovens to slow cookers, electric woks and sandwich makers.

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Yuppiechef customers love ⭐ The Instant Pot

Whether you're a seasoned cook or a busy parent, simply looking to create healthy and delicious meals for your family, the Instant Pot unlocks a world of recipes while saving time, space and energy costs. It's simple, convenient and produces consistently good food for you and your loved ones.

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Yuppiechef top pick 🏅 Philips Premium Smart Sensing XXL 7.3L Digital Airfryer, 1.4kg

With perfectly cooked results at the touch of a button thanks to its Rapid Airflow technology, and Smart Sensing technology that does the thinking for you, you'll love this beautiful rose gold and black extra large airfryer.

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