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Streamline your house for convenience with our range of smart home and voice-activated hubs and appliances! Add some smart-home compatible devices like lights, security cameras, robot-vacuum cleaners, bluetooth speakers and voice and motion sensor rubbish bins and you'll have a connected home that makes everything feel easier. Plus, we have portable power supply units, UPSs and rechargeable lights (solar, included!) to keep you going when loadshedding strikes.

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Smart Home "Alexa, find Yuppiechef's famous pancake recipe" 🥞

Imagine getting recipe prompts while you're cooking? Or hearing the weather while you're getting dressed? With virtual helpers from Google, Apple and Amazon home living just got easier! Our smart speakers and connected living products help you manage music, compatible lights, entertainment and more with voice command.

Welcome to the future!

Portable power supplies & UPSs Power cuts? What power cuts? 😉

Keep your wifi going and run a few of your can't-do-without appliances during loadshedding or easily take one of our portable power supply units with you on a camping trip or weekend away. Our range of larger and smaller options offers something for every home.

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