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Whether you're whipping up a decadent triple-layered chocolate cake or a light loaf of crackling sourdough, having the right tools for the job makes every baking project a breeze. From muffin trays, baking tins and springform cake pans to spatulas, mixing bowls, cookie cutters and rolling pins, our wide range of bakeware essentials will help you rise to any sweet treat challenge. Shop firm favourites like Sagenwolf, MasterClass, and Tovolo.

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There's nothing a warm muffin straight from the oven can't fix Rise to the occasion 😉

Why settle for a 'half-baked' muffin pan when you can have the Sagenwolf Titanium Series Non-Stick Muffin Pan? With its 12-cup capacity and non-stick coating, you'll be able to whip up a batch of muffins in no time, without the fear of any sticking or scraping.

Nab it while it's hot

It's the icing on the cake! Our love language: Non-Stick Bakeware baby! 😍

With its non-stick coating and easy-to-use springform design, you can easily create beautiful, perfectly shaped cakes without any hassle with the Sagenwolf Titanium Series Non-stick Springform Cake Pan. And with its durable titanium construction, this pan is strong and built to last, so you can keep creating delicious cakes for years to come.

Life is short, bake the cake

The *real* secret ingredient Buzz-worthy Sagenwolf bakeware

With its double layer of ultra-slick and super-durable non-stick coating, you'll be whipping up scrumptious treats like banana bread, chocolate chip cookies, muffins, and cheesecake with ease. No matter what you're craving, this range has a variety of shapes and sizes to choose from.

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Whether you're looking to proof your first sourdough or finally bake that rye, our range of bread baking tools and ingredients offers everything you need to whip up fresh loaves at home. We can already smell it...

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