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Fresh finds from the farm

Babylonstoren is a remarkable South African brand that’ll take you on a nature-filled adventure, with their astonishing garden and their commitment to organic living and sustainability that’s reflected in their range of delicious products. Savour life’s simple pleasures: From delicious wine & aperitifs to flavourful olives and premium olive oil — all crafted from ingredients grown right on their farm, set at the foot of Simonsberg in the Franschhoek wine valley.

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Farm-to-table olive oil delight 🫒

Babylonstoren doesn’t just grow olives, they turn them into liquid gold. Their premium, cold-pressed and unfiltered olive oil is packed with all the good stuff your taste buds crave. Plus, it’s versatile enough to complement a wide range of dishes. So, get ready to elevate your olive oil game with high-quality extractions straight from their farm! Great for gifting, too.

Savour the silkiness

Cheers to nature! 🍾

Pop the cork and add some sparkle to your day! Made from a blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes grown on the Babylonstoren farm, this sparkling wine boasts a fresh and fancy taste with a hint of citrus and apple. Whether you’re toasting to a special occasion or just treating yourself, Sprankel is proof that sustainability and elegance can go hand in hand. Let’s raise a glass to nature!

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Deliciously refreshing 🍊

Thirsty for some fruity, herby, spicy goodness? BitterLekker is like a symphony in your mouth, playing all the right notes with the finest ingredients from Babylonstoren’s farm. Sip sustainably and appreciate organic living with this deliciously unique non-alcoholic drink — it’s perfect for hot summer days or as a sophisticated alternative to sugary sodas. Go ahead, treat your taste buds and toast to deliciousness!

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