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Why is my batter runny

YOLANDA DA SILVA | 03 Feb 2017 in Recipes

I made the batter for the one bowl chocolate cake with peanut butter and dark chocolate icing but the batter for my cake is really funny why is this so?

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Plain cakes

Margaret Kinyanjui | 20 Jan 2017 in Recipes

Kindly advice with the recipe of making a plain cake. Regards

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Quinoa cakes

Lydia Greeff | 11 Jan 2017 in Cooking School

In the Quick and Easy Dinners 2 notes on Quinoa, you mention that by adding zucchini and corn to the quinoa base, you can make cakes. Do you simply that boiled...

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Bread Loaf

Jacqueline Long | 11 Jan 2017 in Techniques

I made the wheat bread loaf, but the center was a little doughy each end was done and had a very good taste. If i would have cooked longer i would have burned the...

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Anyone know where I can get brioche buns for home-made burgers? (Cape Town)

Justin Engel | 10 Jan 2017 in Shopping

Looking to make the ultimate home-made burgers, but can't find any place in Cape Town that sells them. Would love a suggestion!

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I made the Mocha cake. Why would it not rise evenly?

YOLANDA DA SILVA | 06 Jan 2017 in Cooking School

When the cake was done, the middle didn't rise as much as the sides. What could be the reason for this?

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Espresso cake change overnight.

Marica Mouton | 05 Jan 2017 in Cooking School

Hallo. I baked the espresso cake yesterday. was really nice. With the first slice is was soft, slightly crumbling. Really nice. We put the rest in the...

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Franck's creme Brulee

Ilse Marx | 03 Jan 2017 in Cooking School

I tried his French Classics' Creme Brulee and found it very runny and under cooked. The recipe calls for it to bake for 15 minutes at 130 degrees... what was the...

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Free course

Tendani Raedani | 02 Jan 2017 in Cooking School

How can i watch the next lesson. I have watched my first lesson.

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Frying meat

Marthie Hanekom | 21 Dec 2016 in Cooking School

I try the recipie of the rump steak in lesson 1. I use a AMC clasic pan to do the meat but it was just smoke the whole house. Look if the house is on fire

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