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Espresso cake flop

Jackie Tucker | 04 Nov 2013 in Cooking School | 5 Responses

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I tried the Espresso cake recipe twice this weekend and both times it was a huge flop.
I thought at first i had over mixed the batter and that's why i redid it again taking a lot of care not to over mix once i put the eggs and flour mix in. At 20 min both times the middle of the cakes were still runny and completely sunk in the middle (didn't even raise at all - expect around the edges).
I have am not sure whether the self raising flour/BP is maybe past expiry but i used that same flour a few weeks ago with no problems?
It sounds like such a great recipe but it just doesn't seem to want to work?
What else could i be doing wrong?

5 Answers

Ellen Sinclair answered on 05 Nov 2013

Hi Jackie,

Sorry to hear that your espresso cake wasn't a brilliant success.
It might be that your oven isn't reaching, staying at temperature, or is distributing the heat unevenly. Try using an oven thermometer to check.
You can leave the cake in the oven longer than the suggested time since many things can influence that. Just be sure of check on it regularly after the suggested time has elapsed so as not to over bake your cake. Remember not to open the oven too often while it's baking (especially in the beginning) because this can cause the middle to collapse.
If you're concerned about the sides getting too brown wrap some aluminium foil around the cake tin, it will shield the sides and help let the middle bake without over doing the edges.

Hope this helps and happy baking!


Clea Yiannakis answered on 06 Nov 2013

Mine did the same - it looked like it had risen at 20 mins, but when I opened the oven it sunk. I cooked it for another 10 mins. I expect the recipe should have said 30-40 minutes for one large cake. It tasted good though.


Ruth Laatz answered on 09 Nov 2013

I've tried this cake twice now and both times the cake has sunk in the middle? Baking powder and flour are both fresh and oven was not opened until after 20 then 28 minutes respectively?
My daughter made the cake in her gas oven without a single problem?


Mpati Mojapelo answered on 25 Nov 2013

I had the same thing happen to me last night. I followed the recipe down to the T and I ended up with a greasy cake that flopped in the middle. I did think that the time was too short because most of the cakes I've made before take upwards of 30 minutes. And I think that the butter content was too high. The end product was a greasy, crumbly mess. In any case...I will move on to the next step and try out yhe biscuits

Marica Mouton answered on 05 Jan 2017

Hallo. I baked the cake also. I used one tin, so this can be different. But at 20min mine was running. I added another 10min - test it again. Good. Was light, slightly crumbling which was nice. Then I cut the one cake into two with a thin string.

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