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Cake a little dry

Kerry Petrie | 04 Nov 2013 in Cooking School | 1 Response


We attempted the Espresso Cake over the weekend (fairly novice bakers) and followed the recipe very closely.
At 20mins the cake was not done (oven running a little lower than 190degrees according to the thermometer) so we left it in for a little longer.

On tasting - it was a little dry. Is this likely to be simply "over-cooking" or should we consider other trouble shooting tips?


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Ellen Sinclair answered on 05 Nov 2013

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Hi Kerry,

Your cake being a little dry is most likely because it was baked for a little too long. If you bake beyond the suggested time because it doesn't seem ready, keep a close watch and check every few minutes to make sure it's not getting over baked.

Hope that helps and happy baking!

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