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My One bowl chocolate cake won't set

Suzanne Groenewald | 31 Oct 2013 in Cooking School | 2 Responses


Hi. I am baking the One bowl chocolate cake recipe from lesson 4. My oven is at 180 deg C, as in the recipe. My cake has been in there for 35 minutes (recipe says 20 min) and it has still not set.

Did anyone else have this problem?
Any suggestions as to what I did wrong?
Is the time indicated on the recipe correct?

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Ellen Sinclair answered on 05 Nov 2013

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Hi Suzanne,

Sorry to hear that your one bowl chocolate cake wasn't a great success.
This might be because of a few things. Make sure the oven it indeed at 180, sometimes they over or under-read and that can alter baking time, an over thermometer can help. Also double check that the ingredients were room temperature, if they were too cold it could make the cake take longer to bake. Otherwise just double check that the recipe was followed 100% and give it another go.

Don't be afraid to let the cake keep baking if it's not ready. The baking time is a guideline and can vary from oven to oven and baker to baker. If you're going to extend the baking time just check on the cake every few minutes so you don't over bake it.

Hope that helps.

Suzanne Groenewald answered on 05 Nov 2013

Thank you for the suggestions.

Possibly my ingredients wasn't at room temperature. And certainly my oven isn't at the right temperature. I have since baked every cake in the cooking course, and I had to leave them all in for a lot longer than the minimum time. Fortunately in the end they all tasted great!

At least I now know that I need to acquire an oven thermometer.

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