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Baking Cookies {Lesson 2}

Linda Harding | 28 Oct 2013 in Cooking School | 2 Responses

I don't own a stand mixer and am worried that my cookie dough will be overworked if I use my electric hand-mixer. It does have dough attachments, though. What is the recommend way of bringing the dough together without a stand mixer: Using the dough attachments for the electric hand-mixer, or is there another preferred method? Thanks!

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lara Hundermark answered on 28 Oct 2013

I sometimes use the dough attachments or combine them using a fork/dough cutter and my hands. I don't have a standing mixer and my hand mixer is a bit rubbish but making them by hand is fun. just be sure not to over work your dough.

Sarah Graham answered on 11 Nov 2013

Hi Linda!
You shouldn't need to use the dough hook attachment if the ingredients are at room temperature when you make the dough as it will be quite soft and so regular attachments should work, either will do though. If you do struggle, then as Lara suggested above you can easily just bring the dough together by hand. After working with the dough by hand it may be quite soft, so then refrigerate the cookies for a few minutes before baking so that they don't spread too much in the oven.
Happy baking!
Sarah xx

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