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How much milk needed?

Jansie Vosloo | 23 Oct 2013 in Cooking School | 1 Response

In the Cooking School Lesson 1 (Baking an Espresso Cake) the amount of milk needed is left out in the ingredient's list. What is the correct amount of milk needed? I used 200ml milk

1 Answer

Ellen Sinclair answered on 23 Oct 2013

Hi Jansie,

In the Espresso Cake recipe you need to dissolve the coffee for the cake with 1tbsp of hot water and the coffee for the icing with 3 tbsp of warm milk.

Otherwise there is no milk in this recipe. 200ml would be too much.

The "coffee and milk" mixture mentioned in step 4 was referring to the coffee and water mixture, it was a slight error that has been fixed.
Sorry about the confusion.

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