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Self-rising Flour

Lynn Hadfield | 18 Oct 2013 in Cooking School | 2 Responses

The cake in lesson 1 calls for self-rising flour. Will there be much difference if I use regular flour?

2 Answers


Sinethemba Bungane answered on 20 Oct 2013

I tried that recipe using the self-raising flour and my cake sunk in the middle... So I think maybe using self-raising and leaving out the baking powder or using regular cake flour and baking powder might lead to better results.

Bianca Ferreira answered on 15 Nov 2013

I don't use self-raising flour at all , I make my own. 1 cup/150g of all-purpose flour and 2 tsp (10 ml) of baking powder. I know that's how Nigella Lawson does it and it's work well for me in the past.

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